We understand that. We also understand that navigating the court system and the law generally can be overwhelming. Allow us to alleviate the pressure. Our boutique firm has a rich history in DuPage County, and we value the needs of its residents & businesses. From drafting wills and leases to handling your corporate transactions, we are here for you.

Not in DuPage? We also serve the collar counties as well.

Searching for an attorney in the area of law you
need is easy. Deciding on one to represent you
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Corporate and Business Planning
Real Estate Law
Landlord-Tenant Law
Estate Planning and Probate
Civil and Commercial Litigation


A variety of issues arise when planning and managing a company. We have expertise and experience in the consultation of corporate and business planning. We can provide advice and give recommendations on such issues as asset & stock purchase negotiations, financing, contract matters, personnel issues, collections, succession planning, business disputes, and asset acquisition and sale.


We handle all aspects of real estate transactions including purchasing and selling residential and commercial real estate, development, mechanics' liens, zoning, eminent domain litigation and mortgage foreclosure.

Homeowners, Condominium and Townhome Associations, please feel free to reach out to see how we can assist you with interpreting your declarations, collecting unpaid assessments, and counseling in all matters, otherwise, related to effective and efficient management of your association.


Due to the housing market crash in 2008, the apartment industry has witnessed a dramatic increase in rentals. This, of course, also brings with it a change in demographics and issues. Our attorneys have the expertise to assist you in your residential and commercial landlord-tenant law needs. We know they extend beyond litigation and forcible entry & detainer matters. We can assist with lease negotiation and document drafting and review (including notices of termination of tenancy, agreements to early termination of tenancy, leases, and addenda). 


Estate planning is a necessity for everyone. Whether you are single, married, married with children, a homeowner or a renter, please contact our office for a consultation to discuss your estate planning needs. We also provide legal services to help you after the death of a loved one through probate or the administration of a trust and/or will.  In addition, we can assist you with guardianships, name changes, and property issues that also arise in Chancery Court.


Litigation can be overwhelming.  Whether you are the Plaintiff or the Defendant, we have years of experience to help you through the legal process step by step.  We also have experience with arbitrations, mediations, and settlement negotiations.  Each step in the legal process requires a thorough understanding of the law, court procedures, and the facts of the case, and we can guide you.